Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, when mold is growing in a home, toxic spores are being released and flowing through the vents and air ducts to every room of the home. The spores are then breathed in by the occupants and can cause serious medical problems.

Mold is harmful to breathe. The severity of the mold, the type of mold and a person's individual tolerance will factor into the actual effects mold has on the human body.

Depending on the type of spores growing, mold can be one of the hidden reasons people don't feel well and have unexplainable illnesses. If you feel sick and the doctors aren’t sure why, getting your home tested for mold is a great idea.

NO! This is a common misconception. Bleach will cause the mold spores to lose their color and appear to be gone, but the spores will not die. They will continue to grow without color and using a liquid bleach can even increase the speed at which they grow because of the added moisture and humidity.

Individual mold spores are flowing throughout the open air all of time. When the small amount of spores are breathed outdoors they are combined with such a large portion of fresh air that they rarely have an effect. Sometimes in the spring, the outdoor counts increase and create outdoor allergies; however when moisture is allowed to dwell on a porous surface inside your space, these few mold spores will attach themselves to that surface and begin to grow at a rapid pace. Once attached, it takes much more than household cleaners to break the spores' strong hold.

There are over the counter products like KILZ that will slow the growth of the spores. This will only slow the problem and mold can still cause serious health effects if left untreated properly. To ensure your home is completely free of mold, reach out to a certified remediation company like MoldBusters South Carolina.