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Our mold professionals are certified to conduct mold inspections, air quality testing, surface mold testing, and mold remediation.

If your house is making you sick, or you think you may have mold? Our EPA & FDA approved mold disinfectants and patented Dry-Fog can create the healthiest, safest and fastest solution to removing mold in Gantt. Our approach has been proven tens of thousands of times nationwide, and  guarantee we will restore the health of your home.

We can be at your home or other location in 24 to 48 hours.

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Professional Mold Remediation

Pay Less to Get Rid of Mold

Dry fog can reach 10X the surface area of any other professional mold disinfection method…

All of these approaches are better than DIY bleach and tear-out, and in some cases are equally as effective as the other… for those surfaces they are able to reach.

Demolition may be necessary regardless of the method chosen. It is the only way to physically remove affected materials. However the cost of demolotion and reconstruction can be minimized if all mold can be reached, killed and denatured.  Once mold is dead and has been denatured, you can safely paint over it, and it can never effect you again.  Compare this with scrubbing, misting, or using wet fog, ozone UV light. These require more demolition because they are less effective at reaching and penetrating materials. Our patented sprayers atomize a hospital-grade sterilant to a particle size that is smaller than any alternative (other than ozone).We then use back pressure to push the fog into nooks and crannies just microns in size.  As a dry gas it can push it’s way around corners and even behind walls if there is a micron path to do so.  The dry fog does the work, not physical labor.  Ozone can be as effective, except that the concentrations required to do as good a job make it an unsafe alternative. 

Prevent Mold from Returning

We dry fog all surfaces twice. Once with an EPA approved hospital-grade sterilant, that kills all molds, mildews, viruses and bacteria. Then with an FDA approved antimicrobial that remains on the surface and continues to kill microbials and mold for an EPA-approved claim of 90 days after we leave your property. We have seen it work for over a year for low traffic and low-use areas.  10X to 1000X the surface will be treated vs. other methods. We disinfect all carpets, HVAC, sofas, mattresses, any items in open drawers and closets and everything else. 


We disinfect your entire home and go deep into the fibers and substrate of every surface. 

Get it Done Quickly

All things equal, whether your mold removal project is big or small, we will always complete it in less time.  Mold Busters can achieve total mold abatement and preventive anti-microbial application for the entire volume of the air and all surface area of your walls, ceilings, floors and interior furnishings of a 2500 square foot home in just four hours. The job time is almost always one day or less.

This means no downtime for commercial mold removal, and no inconvenience at home if the job is done while you are away at work or elsewhere. 

We Guarantee Healthier Indoor Air Than You Have Ever Experienced

An aroma from cooking can travel throughout a home quickly.  Black molds, and other toxic molds can travel just as quickly. If you want to be sure you resolve mold-related health issues, or prevent any possibility of future health issues, we guarantee you industry leading results.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Testing Visible Mold

A visual inspection from a certified mold inspector usually eliminates the need for an air quality test. Our free inspection also helps you determine if you still have any hidden issues that are creating moisture that need to be rectified before investing in mold remediation.  If there are any doubts about how to start mold removal for your home or place of work in Gantt, South Carolina, then start with a mold inspection from a certified technician from Mold Busters Greenville.  We will look for ways to save the most money possible while also getting the job done.

You Need a Mold Test Report for Insurance Claims

Want your home insurance to pay for the mold removal and any necessary reconstruction?  We can look at your policy for you and quickly determine if they will.

If they will,  one or more mold tests and or air quality tests will be required to meet the evidence requirements from your insurance company.

If you know you will be submitting a claim to your insurance, we can help ensure a less painful process, and faster payout.

Understand the Implications for Occupant Health

If you are experiencing a chronic sinus infection, worsening asthma, chronic headaches or other chronic symptoms… mold could be the culprit.  90% of all chronic sinus infections are mold related.  Mold is an extremely common cause for worsening asthma and other health issues that seem to only flair up when you are at a certain location.

If this is you, then air quality testing is a must to either validate tor eliminate the possibility of hidden mold growth.

Get a Free Certified Mold Inspection

Fix The Issue Causing Excess Moisture

Mold needs moisture to grow.  24 hours of 60% or greater humidity is all that’s required for mold to spore.  If you know that you have had a roof leak, pipe leak or any excess moisture, the value in having a certified mold inspector visit is their ability to find that moisture, and help guide to resolve it in the safest and most economical way.

The source of excess moisture must be d fixed before any remediation can take place. 

Free Professional Estimate

Mold Busters Greenville is willing to coach homeowners and business owners on how to remediate mold on their own in instances where the mold has spread for little, or where the type of mold is less toxic. When the job clearly requires professional mold removal, we will provide a full estimate at the end of the certified mold inspection.

Virtual Inspections for an Immediate Assessment

Virtual inspections become an option for customers  that have visible mold and are confident they have addressed all leaks and water issues. 

If you want to get the job done quickly and don’t want to mess around with unnecessary extras, we can determine with a high degree of confidence whether you have mold, by simply seeing it.

Customer Reviews

Additional HouseCall Pro Reviews

Alan P.
Sep 19, 2021
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Benjamin was professional in every way. Punctual for the initial meeting and the remediation day. He was patient and thorough in the explanation. I highly recommend their team!
Vickie G.
Sep 14, 2021
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From the very first telephone contact with Kirsten to the completion of mold treatment at our Spartanburg county residence by Benjamin, we are extremely satisfied with the professionalism, friendliness, knowledge, and service of Mold Busters USA South Carolina!
Michael P.
Aug 18, 2021
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Benjamin does a great job! And he is a very nice person. He follows up with you and will re do the mold remediation in your house if it's necessary. I'm very happy with Mold Busters, because it is a trustworthy company.
Marilyn S.
Aug 2, 2021
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Terry R.
May 31, 2021
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Leah O.
May 14, 2021
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Robin V.
May 4, 2021
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Vanessa W.
Apr 7, 2021
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Benjamin is a very nice representative of his company. His presentation was excellent and not rehearsed. Between the initial meeting and the wecommork date, any additional questions I had were answered throughly. This whole experience was great and I know. I have had the traditional mold removal and remediation. I saw some instant results today. Not only will use him again if needed, have also recommended to everyone I know.
Stacey R.
Mar 22, 2021
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Benjamin was so great! He took his time, did not rush us. Made sure all of our questions and concerns were addressed. We had an appointment for the treatment in the same week as we had the consult/estimate. That was so great to alleviate the nervousness of having mold in our crawlspace!! Would recommend this company to anyone and everyone.
Latrinda B.
Feb 8, 2021
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Don W.
Dec 24, 2020
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Will B.
Dec 10, 2020
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A+ service all the way around!
Ellen C.
Nov 10, 2020
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Would highly recommend. Knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy.
Brian P.
Oct 5, 2020
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Excellent service. Very knowledgeable.
Paul D.
Sep 23, 2020
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Benjamin responded immediately, gave me options, and did exactly what he said he would. He was courteous, efficient, on-time, diligent, etc. He is a professional, did an important job for a reasonable price, and I would certainly use him again.
Yash P.
Jul 14, 2020
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