Whether you're experiencing worrisome symptoms or are seeing some actual mold growth,  it's time to have a certified technician discuss your options with you. We offer both in-person and virtual inspections and estimates. Rest assured knowing the extent of the problem and the steps to safely take care of the problem.

Virtual Mold Inspections

If the mold is visible, or if you have questions you'd like to ask a certified mold technician, a virtual inspection is a quick (and free!) way to discuss the remediation process without the often-inconvenient interruption of preparing for a service call. Most virtual inspections last an average of 15 minutes and at the end of your chat, you'll receive a free emailed estimate of the cost of remediation.

In-Person Mold Inspections

In some cases, an in-person visit may be preferred. Often, an in-person inspection is scheduled in conjunction with an air test or in situations where the suspected mold can't be visually confirmed through chat. Whether you're meeting with us through video or in-person, you'll receive professional, prompt service from start to finish!  

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