Welcome to Upstate!

We moved to South Carolina three years ago to start a new Mold Busters location.  We started with Mold Busters Greenville with the intention of opening more locations in our capital city and another in the Upcountry.    As new move-ins ourselves we have loved it here, and want to share some of the things we love about the areas we service in South Carolina.

First Step: Stick Out, by Trying to Speak Like a Cliche South Carolinian

 Since arriving we have enjoyed hearing “Bless Your Heart,” Sweetie,” and “Darlin'” a little more. We’ve tried to use the terms a little more to. 

It has taken a bit to get used to calling a Sprite or Root Beer a “coke”, but we’re getting there. 

We rareyl use the terms “Over Yonder,” “Happier than a pig in mud”  or “I’m going to blister your hide” but if you use them, you’ll find you instantly feel a little more local. 

If you find yourself feeling a little non-committal, one phrase we recommend you say before making any commitment is… “If the Lord’s willin’ and the creek don’t rise.” Since nobody has monopoly on the Lord’s will, it gives you a nice wide backdoor should you decide to change your mind. 

It’s also important that you “crank” a car on, not “turn” it on, and if you are going give somebody a ride, that’s something you do in other parts of the country, in South Carolina, you “carry” them. Carry them to school, or to a practice or to the store. You also don’t turn lights of or on… you “cut the lights.”  Throwing something must be replaced with “chunking it, and “children” with “younguns.”


Step Two: Eat Traditional Local Food

It starts with inviting yourself to neighborhood or community fish fry. If you can’t swing that, then there are several places around town that can help you through your new move-in initiation. Assuming you moved into Greenville, you can try Bonefish Grill, Bimini’s, or any other place that comes recommended by your new neighbors.

Other hands on eating experiences include “Pig Picken” where an entire pig is left out for the literal picken, as the main course to go with other side dishes. 

Another must eat is Fromore Stew.  Not a stew in a traditional sense, but a menagerie of shrimp, ears of corn, sausage, and potatoes, and at times clams or crab legs to. No utensils necessary. 

USC inGreenville vs Clemson Universities

Step Three: Decide if Are You Gamecock or a Tiger?

Not an easy choice, but it is more fun if you take a side.  Buy the gear, and root for your local university, or perhaps less local university. Clemson University and University of South Carolina or just 114 miles apart.  If you live in Upstate, the games are always within driving distance.


Now You’re Ready to Rub Elbows with the Locals

Upstate South Carolina is beautiful and there are a ton of things to do, and sites to see.  To this end, we have attempted to create a few top 10 things to do in different cities.  Don’t need our mold remediation services, but have some feedback on on our lists?  Don’t hesitate to use a contact form and share your thoughts.