mold remediation     

The Pure Maintenance-patented dry fog technology we use has revolutionized the way mold remediation is done. It's EPA-registered as non-toxic and demolition-free. It not only destroys mold, viruses and bacteria from the air and on surfaces within a few short hours of treatment, it also provides an EPA-verified 90 days of protection from future contaminants.

air testing

Even if you don't see mold growing, pathogens in your air could be causing health problems. Mold can be found anywhere humidity is or was present. If you're unsure whether you have mold or pathogens in your air, we can take an air sample for lab analysis to determine your air quality.

corona scrub     

Protect surfaces in your home, gym, daycare or office from the dangers of viruses and pathogens. The anti-microbial we use leaves no residue but sits on keyboards, doorknobs and office surfaces. When viruses, bacteria or other pathogens try to land, it destroys the cell on contact.

odor removal      

Pets, urine, cigarette, old carpet, musty smell? Whether you know exactly what's causing the stench or you just bought a home with an unknown smell, let us help remove the odor so you can enjoy your space again.

room sterilization     

If you have a weakened immune system, are feeling sick in your home or wish to ensure the safety of your work space, give yourself a fresh start. Our treatment sterilizes surfaces from mold spores, viruses and bacteria.

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