Top 10 Things to Do in Greenville, South Carolina

There are dozens of top 10 lists, and they always seem so repetitive and boring.  We tried to make this one different. We intentionally tried to not put them in order and tried to avoid the top 10 most touristy places to go.  These are not the 10 ABSOLUTE BEST things to do either, but we think if you have time to do all of them; there are no other 10 things you can do starting your “basecamp” in downtown Greenville.  in less time with greater variety and fun than these. We are first and foremost running a mold removal company in Greenville, but we love living here as well!  You will notice that the list is heavy on outdoor time, but that’s where we are all happiest anyway… right?! We hope by doing this list, if you leave and never comeback, or if you are new move-in that you will make some great memories early on.

1. Falls Park & Liberty Bridge

 If you are visiting downtown Greenville, take at least 15 minutes to see the Reedy River Falls from the Liberty Bridge. Found in every top-10 to-do-list for Greenville, this attraction is equally beautiful to visit during the day or at night. A great place to walk off some calories after a meal at one of the great local eateries, or to put on some calories after a meal as you enjoy an ice cream cone or other dessert. Got an hour or more to burn? While you are at Falls Park visit GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail and take it til you reach Rock Quarry Garden and it is pretty much guaranteed that when leave Greenville, you will agree that nothing beat your visit that started at Falls Park. 

2. Willy Taco – Feed & Seed

Tacos may not be everybody’s thing, but no other restaurant, for any type of food or cuisine, has more reviews in Greenville than Willy Taco. If tacos aren’t your “cup of tea” and you want to try local southern food instead? Tupelo Honey Southern Kitchen & Bar or Smoke on the Water are in a tie for our number two for downtown Greenville eateries. But do you really have to make a choice?  If not, visit them all.

3. Paris Mountain State Park

With the two easiest must-do’s out of the way, now for a more an activity that is convenient, just 16 minutes away from downtown, but is a little more of a time commitment.  The perfect compliment to visiting a bustling city is a 4 mile jog, bike or walk along Sulphur Springs Trail or even shorter 2 mile walk on Brissy Ridge Trail at Paris Mountain State Park.  The endorphins, extra oxygen and beauty will leave you feeling grateful you did.

4. The Peace Center

Ready to add in a relaxed night of live entertainment and culture? The Peace Center is the premier venue for live entertainment for South Carolina. The theatre gets up and coming and old famous musicians, comedians, and the best of Broadway: CATS, Wicked, Fiddler on the Roof and more.  If you are in town, you might as well see what’s on the menu — You might just get lucky, and make this the #2 thing you did while in Greenville.

5. Flour Field at West End

Baseball is not for everybody, but if it is baseball season and you have somebody you love being with, it can be. A nice evening in an exciting atmosphere eating food that never tastes near as good outside of a ballpark, with somebody you love spending time with, is always a win.  And… as a bonus, Fluor Field is the home of the Boston Red Sox feeder team the “Greenville Drive.” If you haven’t been to Fenway Park in Boston, this is the closest you can get, as the field was made to be a near replica of Fenway. It even includes the “Green Monster”, a 30 foot high wall in the left field.

6. Devil’s Kitchen

If you haven’t visited the Blue Ridge Mountains yet, then make the 55 minute drive from downtown Greenville and see Devil’s Kitchen in the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area. It is one of the two most beautiful views within an hour. A big time investment, but you will thank us afterward.  We think everybody (eventually) prefers activities outdoors like we do.  This is because it is so near impossible to compete with “God’s awe-inspiring creations.” Our top ten would be all outdoor destinations, however, the real enjoyment isn’t in the 10 best, but in the combination of the 10 best.  Don’t forget “the spice of life.”

7. Mice on Main

Not something “to do” per say, but this is a short and fun distraction if you find yourself walking on main street in Greenville. While walking, see if you can find the nine bronze sculpted mice hidden in plain sight.  Add in a wager for who can spot each first. Keep score, and the person who loses will have to pay up. Many people from Greenville may not appreciate that this made a top 10 list, but for a visitor who very often has very limited time in the city, we think it can be a good memory when looking back on your time here.

8. BMW Zentrum & Performance Center 

If you are visiting Greenville, chances are you aren’t visiting alone. If you have somebody in your group who loves cars, then you must make the trip to the Zentrum, which has a 28,000 sq ft visitor center where there is a full history of BMW cars and motorcycles on display, including BMW’s featured in past James Bond movies. You can even watch a virtual factory tour to see how BMWs are assembled. When done, you can drive another two minutes toward Spartanburg to BMW’s Performance Center, where you can experience the ultimate driving machine as it was meant to be experienced on a massive outdoor track, with no speed limits. Technically we are now talking about top things to do in Spartanburg, but nowhere else in America can you enjoy an M3 like you can here.

9. McPherson Park – Free Mini Golf

Whether you are an avid mini-golfer or haven’t played in years, you’ve got nothing to lose by visiting this completely legit 18-hole mini golf course in Greenville’s oldest park located downtown.  It is a “why not” activity, that is guaranteed fun, especially if you are one of those people who tells other people that  food just tastes better when it’s free. However now that you have a little extra un-spent cash in your pocket, you might as well get there in style, by renting a Segway from “Greenville Glides.”

10. Sassafras Mountain 

We couldn’t resist. This is the other one of the two greatest views in Greenville.  The tallest peak in South Carolina allows you to put one foot in North Carolina and one foot in South Carolina while looking at breathtaking scenery. Once you get there, it is just 900 ft walk. That is what you call a nice ROI. 

Bonus: Greenville Eateries

If you are going to be in Greenville for a day or more, you will need 3+ places to eat, and right now you don’t know what you’ll feel like in the moment when you are here.  Google maps has it all, but here is a good visual place to start that shows a variety of the gourmet eateries in the area so you can compare…

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