Benjamin Redd

owner / operator

MoldBusters South Carolina is locally owned and operated by Benjamin Redd. Ben has spent the last 15 years working in leadership positions, most recently as a Customer Success Manager for a leading learning management software firm. He recognizes the importance of working hard to maintain the trust and long-time loyalty of customers.

Ben is pleased to be a licensee for Pure Maintenance and their revolutionary, patented dry-fog system. He's passionate about helping others better their home or work space with personal, customer-focused service. 

Ben lives in Greenville with his wife and three kids. When he's not out treating, he's watching a college football game or spending quality time with his children and new infant son. 

He's dedicated to keeping your space mold free and will gladly answer any questions you may have about mold remediation. If you've already called other mold removal companies or reached MoldBusters first, we're glad you made it here.

call 864-301-4600 or CHAT WITH US BELOW TO SCHEDULE AN inspection