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Mold is invasive, often penetrating deep into the walls and crawlspaces before it is ever noticed. By using patented dry fog technology, we are able to denature and destroy mold without the need for demolition, saving you time and money.

Mold can appear anywhere humidity is present, which in South Carolina means it could be anywhere. If you don’t see mold but suspect it is present, it’s best to have your space tested to ensure the air you’re breathing is safe.

A professional mold inspection is a visual check of visible mold and moisture check behind walls for mold you can’t see. Typically, what is visible is a small percentage of the total mold growth at your property if we can detect hidden high moisture.

What Our Customers Are Saying

House Call Pro Reviews....

Alan P.
Sep 19, 2021
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Benjamin was professional in every way. Punctual for the initial meeting and the remediation day. He was patient and thorough in the explanation. I highly recommend their team!
Vickie G.
Sep 14, 2021
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From the very first telephone contact with Kirsten to the completion of mold treatment at our Spartanburg county residence by Benjamin, we are extremely satisfied with the professionalism, friendliness, knowledge, and service of Mold Busters USA South Carolina!
Michael P.
Aug 18, 2021
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Benjamin does a great job! And he is a very nice person. He follows up with you and will re do the mold remediation in your house if it's necessary. I'm very happy with Mold Busters, because it is a trustworthy company.
Marilyn S.
Aug 2, 2021
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Terry R.
May 31, 2021
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Leah O.
May 14, 2021
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Robin V.
May 4, 2021
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Vanessa W.
Apr 7, 2021
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Benjamin is a very nice representative of his company. His presentation was excellent and not rehearsed. Between the initial meeting and the wecommork date, any additional questions I had were answered throughly. This whole experience was great and I know. I have had the traditional mold removal and remediation. I saw some instant results today. Not only will use him again if needed, have also recommended to everyone I know.
Stacey R.
Mar 22, 2021
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Benjamin was so great! He took his time, did not rush us. Made sure all of our questions and concerns were addressed. We had an appointment for the treatment in the same week as we had the consult/estimate. That was so great to alleviate the nervousness of having mold in our crawlspace!! Would recommend this company to anyone and everyone.
Latrinda B.
Feb 8, 2021
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Don W.
Dec 24, 2020
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Will B.
Dec 10, 2020
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A+ service all the way around!
Ellen C.
Nov 10, 2020
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Would highly recommend. Knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy.
Brian P.
Oct 5, 2020
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Excellent service. Very knowledgeable.
Paul D.
Sep 23, 2020
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Benjamin responded immediately, gave me options, and did exactly what he said he would. He was courteous, efficient, on-time, diligent, etc. He is a professional, did an important job for a reasonable price, and I would certainly use him again.
Yash P.
Jul 14, 2020
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Why Dry Fog?

Every company claims to offer the best solution for resolving a mold issue.  While there is a variety of outcomes for every method, on average, one has to perform better than the rest.  But which is it?

 Complete demolition and physical removal, followed by reconstruction is the oldest method. It gets rid of the bulk of the mold growth and spores like all methods do, but it doesn’t treat the air and disturbs and spreads mold spores in the process. Scrubbing has the same effect as demolition, and shares the weakness of limited surface area treated and higher labor costs.  Ozone would be amazing if it was safe to use the concentrations needed to do a proper job.  The proper concentrations of ozone would be extremely toxic, and mean vacating your home for a longer period of time. That said, it does a decent job.  Wet fog or ULV (Ultra Low Volume) is also pretty good, but its average droplet size of ~17 microns is incapable of reaching mold hidden in pockets and gaps as well as our dry fog can which has droplet size of 7 microns.  It also doesn’t dwell in the air for a sufficient amount of time to ensure airborne spores are killed.   UV light is the last approach, which is great for all the areas that the light is able to reach. 

The common measure for efficacy is volume and surface area treated. The more of both that you treat, the better the end result. Dry fog is the clear winner.