We Will Send a Mold Inspector to Your Location Anywhere in Anderson, Greenville, Spartanburg MSA - Within 24 Hours

All mold inspections come with a professional estimate. Hire a certified Mold Inspector to ensure a mold inspection is done correctly, get tips if you decide to do DIY and get guidance on how to get insurance to pay.

Call (864) 301-4600 to get your mold taken care of.

Visiting Your Location

When absolutely required we can do a virtual inspection, but to properly size the project and set expectations, an onsite inspection will be far more accurate.

Whether you have or suspect you have mold at a business or home, we will take the same inspection steps to determine the best plan for your situation. 

There are a number of factors we consider during the visit. 

  1. The cause and origin – to ensure the source of moisture has been resolved so that no new mold growth can occur
  2. The extent that mold has impacted any building materials or furnishings – so we can determine if any demolition needs to take place
  3. Assess the volume of your space – to understand the dry fog requirements
  4. Your goals for timing, cost and whether you plan to have your insurance pay.
  5. And If necessary, determine the types of mold and related mold toxins via air and or swab testing

We will look for signs of water damage and use a moisture meter or infrared camera in those areas. Our mold inspector will always have years of experience, and from being exposed to a large assortment of scenarios, knows how to track down any mold that can’t be seen.

Note: Mold testing is required for insurance claims, but is most often not necessary otherwise.

Does Certification Matter?

mold inspector certification greenville sc

Certification helps in the following ways. 

  • Trains the inspector on the personal protective equipment (PPE) that should be used during inspection. 
  • Instructs when mold testing is necessary or not
  • Introduces all the different instrumentation that can be used to assess the seriousness and extent of water and mold related damage
  • Teaches the proper sampling methods to ensure accurate mold testing
  • Introduces the inspector to the most common causes of moisture or water intrusion, and how to identify and access spaces to assess potential causes for your mold issue
  • Explains the testing procedures and legal requirements handled by an AIHA-certified laboratory.
  • Instructs how to interpret the lab results to inform the proper response for remediation, and what needs to be reviewed with property owners.

This same training and certification is required of Air Quality Personnel, and for designated insurance company representatives, so that there is a common vocabulary to improve communication.

We only use inspectors with years of experience.  We guarantee to save time. If you decide to DIY the project we will be willing to give tips.  Keep in mind that there is no requirement to move forward after an inspection is complete. 

Your Certified Mold Insepctor

It is crucial that you get good information from the get-go that you can trust. It can mean the difference between spending hundreds and spending thousands of dollars. 

Your Mold Inspector will be fully certified, and expert at finding hidden mold, and at accurately identifying any visible mold. We won’t prescribe anything you don’t want or need. We will also present options at different price points and explain the different pros and cons, so that you can make a decision about what best fits your budget, and the level of acceptable quality. 

A mold inspector’s job is always two-fold… Ensure all sources of unwanted moisture have been completely eliminated, and 2) ensure all excess mold in your air and on all visible and invisible sources is killed and denatured, so that the spores alive or dead, can pose no additional risk to the health of any occupants. 

In short, the inspector will create a plan to get rid of mold that is thorough, permanent, and delivered at the minimum necessary cost.  There are more than a dozen locations within Mold Busters USA, and more than 100 more locations nationwide that use our patented process. Our approach has delivered the best end result tens of thousands of times.  

We guarantee our results and guarantee you won’t find a better option for your mold project.


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