Mold: the little-known link to unexplained sickness


Symptoms of Mold-Associated Illness²:

  1. Fatigue and weakness

  2. Headache (ice pick pain, a sharp pain like a knife going through your head)

  3. Poor memory, difficult word finding

  4. Difficulty with concentration

  5. Anxiety, depression

  6. Sudden weight gain

  7. Morning stiffness, joint pain

  8. Unusual skin sensations, tingling and numbness

  9. Shortness of breath, sinus congestion, nasal congestion or chronic cough

  10. Appetite swings, body temperature regulation

  11. Increased urinary frequency or increased thirst

  12. Red eyes, blurred vision, night sweats, mood swings, sharp pains

  13. Abdominal pain, diarrhea, bloating, sudden food sensitivities

  14. Tearing, disorientation, metallic taste in mouth

  15. Electric or static shock

  16. Vertigo, light headedness, dizziness


Is mold really the problem?

Dr. Daniel Pompa interviews Mike Adams, an industry leading mold expert, and points out that mold:

  • is one of the reasons, the hidden reasons, people still don’t feel well and have unexplainable illnesses

  • is one of the three things that most people miss and detox incorrectly

  • is the most evil of all neurotoxins

Mike Adams shares that:

  • when you have visible mold in the home, you have mold everywhere

  • the mold you see is a fraction of the actual “mold load” in the home

  • there are little areas in the home that produce mold– it’s in the drains of every sink, it’s in your clothes, it’s in every bathroom, the windowsill


Treat the root of the problem, not just the symptoms

It can be frustrating to spend large amounts of money trying to find the the cause of the odd symptoms and even more on minimizing them, never really getting answers or relief. Mold exposure can be the root of an ever-growing list of symptoms. If you see small amounts of visible mold, you’re breathing in mold spores. If you don’t see mold, it could still be the culprit and it’s beneficial to test the air quality of your home. Take peace in knowing there is an explanation (and solution!) to the problem.


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